Message from the Chairman


Our world is full of challenges, and a marketplace strives for distinction and expansion. We believe in progressing our philosophy, skills and potentials to achieve our personal and corporate ambitions. The challenging in today's world is the accelerated demand for personal financing that supports individuals and SME’s that would support in achieving their motivation and desires.

Many individuals and SME’s seek to accomplish in no time, and this can only be realized with the support of God first and then a financial stability based on worthy planning and the appropriate partner. Here comes the role of Murabaha Marinah that pursues to achieve the financing aspect throughout this remarkable dream.

Thanks to God, the worthy seed sprouts to all of us. And we altogether seek to plant the worthy and blessed seeds that would create countless decent things.

And so value-based integration is the key to success and excellence. Our commitment is to facilitate a wide range of Islamic personal financing products that are tailored to your personal needs and your business development.

We at Murabaha Marinah are committed to providing Shari’ah-Compliant personal financing solutions to a diversified segments that pave the way to a sustained life. We also strive to innovate and develop business mechanisms and deal with our customers constantly, in addition to the implementation of our plans to expand and spread throughout the Kingdom.

We look forward to a unique and lasting partnership to reach a lasting success in your journey towards an easier life and a more successful and prosperous future.

God grants success …