Individual Services


Dream ... and make it come true ...
With us you make your dreams come true, no matter how great they are ...

Want to get the car of your dreams?
Cash is not available to have it?

We all need a partner that supports us and opens up horizons for more progress. This is why we are here, ready to realize your aspirations and dreams, through innovative solutions and benefits to suit your requirements, and to convert you to a distinguished customer that gets special features and facilities that are designed especially for you.

We are in a flexible Murabaha. We always strive to develop a unique relationship, based on credibility to keep up with your aspirations and dreams based on the speed of procedures.

We recognize how important time is for you.
Our products and services are based on conveniences that suit our customers' goals and purchasing capabilities, and are compliant with the Islamic Shari’ah principles. We are also aware of the significance of obtaining cash as quickly as possible, and therefore we are always here at your disposal.
As a part of this society, which is keen of its values and principles, all of our product options are Shari’ah-compliant and are supervised by a selected group of distinguished scholars and specialists.

  • Benefits

      Our priorities are to meet all the needs of our clients for a promising future in accordance with the
      provisions of Islamic Shari’a. Financing from Morabaha Marina helps you to achieve your financial needs
      in a manner that suits your expectations with flexible payment schedule and a competitive profit margin.

      • High finance amount of up to 250 thousand
      • Low profit rate
      • Flexible, extended repayment periods of up to 6 years
      • Simple, quick approval process
      • No over limit fees or additional charges with a lower profit rate
      • Nominal processing fees
      • Sharia based products
  • Eligibility
      • Minimum monthly salary should not be less than 5000 SAR (for Government sector) and 6000 SAR (for
      • Private sector)
      • Minimum age of 18 years
      • The service period shall not be less than 3 months for employees of the Government sector and one year
      • for private sector employees.
      • Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change solely at the Companys discretion.
  • Documents Required
      • Employment letter , including basic salary, allowances and the date of joining the work
      • Bank statement for the last 3 months
      • Copy of national identity card
      • National Address
  • FAQs