1. By using sadad
    1. You can pay your installment by using Riyad bank payment services under sadad list
    2. For sadad number add 10220 with your ID card number or commercial registration number for example if your ID card number is 1010123456 so your sadad number will be “102201010123456”.
  2. Bank Transfer
    1. If user is logged in then he can see the list of bank and after selecting the bank the respective account number of that bank will be displayed ( we will provide the list of banks with their respective account numbers)
    2. If user is not logged in then we will show instructions to call to our
  3. Mada
    1. You can visit any of our branch and pay through your Mada ATM card.
  4. Standing instructions
    1. At the time of contract signing Morabaha Marina will request you to initiate Standing instructions request through your bank, so that the installment get deducted on the due date systematically.